Kitovu Mobile Medical Centre

Kitovu Mobile Health Centre

What we offer

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Kitovu Mobile offers a variety of services at its Health Centre III premises to the community within the Greater Masaka region.

HIV Counselling and Testing

We offer a package service intended to allow people to make informed decisions regarding knowledge of their HIV status and the implications of those decisions.

Cancer Screening

We offer screening services for cancer to test for several types of cancers such as breast and cervical cancer and diagnostic services.


We offer a variety of immunization services from early childhood stages of infancy against vaccine preventable diseases and of recent Covid-19.

Hospice and Palliative Care

We focus on the care, comfort, and quality of life of a person with a serious illness who is approaching the end of life as well as specialized medical care for people living with a serious illness, such as cancer or heart failure.

Antenatal Care

We provide frequent check-ups, screenings and exams, advice on how to look after yourself, information and what to expect at each stage of pregnancy and support preparing for a positive birth.

Maternity Services

We provide personalized, high-quality maternal healthcare to give pregnant women and their babies the very best start in their lives together.

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