CCTP was established in 1987 to provide holistic care and support to people affected by HIV and Cancer in the greater Masaka region. CCTP is ideally positioned to deliver HIV and palliative care, mentorship and training services in all its catchment areas.. 

28 years with CAFOD since 1987, Kitovu Mobile implemented the outreach home based care ( HBC) HIV & Palliative care model. Over 111 outreaches were established in the 7 districts of Greater Masaka region-Built within community structures of 750 CWs-VHT and Expert Clients.Kitovu Mobile served over 10,800 HIV beneficiaries throughout its outreaches and recognised as a centre of Excellency for Home Based Care of PLHIV.

This model successfully worked to meet the emergent needs of the HIV epidemic and its impact at the time. 

Influence on the Paradigm Shift Decision to systems strengthening.

Home Based Policy 2010. Directed tradition Home Based Care Program towards supporting the MoH HIV Health Systems Strengthening Interventions such HMIS, Staff Capacity.

Evidence from Operation Research for instance;Kalibala, S., Vu L J. Okal, Waliggo, S., et al. 2016. “Retrospective review of task-shifting community-based programs supporting ARV treatment and retention in Uganda,” HIVCore Final Report. Washington, DC: USAID | Project Search: HIVCare.

  • Cost of Care
  • ART treatment outcome
  • Patient-health worker contact time
  • Quality of HIV Services in the community
  • Funding priorities and dynamics and future of sustaining community-based HIV programmes

Kitovu Mobile’s HIV care strategy

In September 2012, Kitovu Mobile with CAFOD support developed 2013-2017 SP towards HIV systems strengthening to support integration & strengthening existing health structures

  • Grounded on its community experience.

Catholic Diocesan health centre IIIs  in the greater Masaka region are still priority target for this strategy to improve Quality HIV service delivery.

Kitovu Mobile successfully transitioned from its traditional outreach model to health centre systems strengthening between 2015-2016.

Current Health Centres supported by Kitovu Mobile

Kitovu Mobile established official partnership with the;

  • 4 HCIII under the Catholic Church of Masaka Diocese.
  • 1 HCIII under Local Government-Masaka District.

To strengthen capacity of 5 satellite health centre IIIs: These include;

  • St Francis Mbirizi Health Center III(Lwengo District)
  • St CabanSsunga Health Center III (Masaka District)
  • St Charles Kabuwoko Health Center(Rakai District)
  • St Agatha Lwebitakuli (Ssembabule District)
  • Bukakata Health centre III (Masaka District

Number of active patients in supported satellite Health centres by Oct 2016 was 3073 clients.

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