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Kitovu Mobile AIDS Organisation (hereafter Kitovu Mobile) is a non-profit organisation, under the Diocese of Masaka. Kitovu Mobile is registered as a company limited by guarantee, with the government of Uganda.
Kitovu Mobile is faith-based and non-discriminatory.  As a Catholic founded and owned organisation, Kitovu Mobile upholds the values of the Catholic Church.  However, It does not seek to convert anybody to a particular religious belief, but treats clients and staff equally, regardless of faith, gender, social status, ethnicity or lifestyle. Founded at the epi-centre of the AIDS epidemic by the Medical Missionaries of Mary (MMM) in 1987 in response to the overwhelming need for care of the affected in the rural areas,
The organization has been a pioneer of a holistic approach to addressing the needs of people affected by HIV, within their communities and has been recognised for this through various awards. To date, Kitovu Mobile has continued to employ innovative methods to meet the needs of people affected by HIV, Cancer and poverty

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