Paulo K. is a trainee of Kirumba MFS 16 yrs old from Kamutuuza village, Lwamba parish, Rakai District. Paulo is
the 4th born of Mr. and Mrs. Mugera in a family of 8 children. Mr. Mugera is a farmer and used to trade in bananas to support his family but got involved in an accident that perished his right leg, he then became disabled.

KP says, “Despite the permanent physical disability my father got when he lost his leg in a motor accident, he did not lose heart, he continued to work hard but ends could not meet because he could no longer do particular work with a single leg. As a family we could not bring our selves to terms because my father was the biggest pillar even in hardships. This resulted into the family being consistently hit by hunger; I became a perennial school fees defaulter, much as I wanted to continue with formal education, this forced me out of school in primary six in 2010.

After a year I approached one organization World Vision for school fees support but unfortunately it was the year the program closed in the area so I became hopeless. In 2013 my father was called to attend sensitization meeting organized by Kitovu Mobile by one local leader Mathias Lukwata.

When he returned home, he broke the news concerning the farm school intervention to the whole family and we saw this as God’s call. I willingly joined the Mobile Farm School and it has built in me the trust that life has to be much better for any one young and inspiring. Using the acquired skills and knowledge in organic farming, the farm inputs and other psychosocial support, we are now able to grow enough food for the family and as a youth I enjoy having my own money. For instance last season I sold 50kgs of beans and 200kgs of maize, earned a capital of 255,000= which
I used to start a coffee trade business which has helped me to achieve tangible benefits like acquisition of 0.5 acre of land, 8 poultry birds and a bicycle. I have set up a coffee nursery project currently raising 2000 seedlings which in coming season I expect to sell at a cost of 500/= each, estimated at one million shillings.

As you approach our home every one is at least engaged in an activity that portrays some skills from the farm school. Hopefully in five years to come, I will be a prominent coffee trader and model farmer. I advise the young people to take on farming because I have realized it is the best 42 alternative for the less educated and disadvantaged group. As a family we thank Kitovu Mobile and their partners for the support and genuine service that has led us to a better life”.

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