I am a 38 year old male staying in Kyamuyimbwa parish, Kabonera sub-county. I am married with 3 children and a barber by occupation. In 2011, I was admitted in Masaka hospital with very severe headache associated with episodes of vomiting which had persisted for two weeks. While in hospital, the doctor got blood from my back and sent it to the laboratory to be tested. The results showed that I was suffering from a severe brain infection which later I came to know as meningitis.
I was given some treatment and the pain reduced. The doctor later told me that he was to invite his friend from one organisation to provide me with medicines that will heal my headache forever.

One day two nurses came to my bed, talked to me and requested me to take an HIV test. I did not reply to them because I was now feeling too much pain and I had lost hope of living. The doctor told me that those nurses were the only source of the medicines that were to cure me. With no other option left, when the nurses came back, I invited them to my bed, took off my blood and they promised to bring back my results as soon as possible.

The results showed that I was HIV positive. During their counselling session is when I knew that the nurses were from Kitovu Mobile. The nurses provided me with liquid medicine to treat my headache. Later I came to know that it was liquid morphine. These nurses were so caring; I also received more free medicines to treat the brain infection. After discharge, I joined Kitovu Mobile at Kabonera centre from where I continued to receive the morphine and other medicines to cure my brain infection.

In 2012, my CD4 count was measured and found to be 190 cells/ul, this scared me because I already had an idea about the CD4 count, but the nurses counselled me and I was prepared to start HIV drugs. Two months on HIV drugs, fellow clients selected me to go for a training to become an Expert client. Initially I did not realise the importance of being an Expert client because I was still a junior both in Kitovu Mobile and in HIV related issues. It was during the training that I learned about HIV/AIDS. This helped me to answer all the myths and misconceptions about HIV/AIDS.

Initially I thought acquiring HIV meant death, but I now know that one can live on with HIV for so many years. My testimony inspires many of my friends who accept to take an HIV test. Initially I had a lot of self-stigma, but now I am a VHT member in Kabonera. I have attended much training because of my disclosure of the HIV status. I thank Kitovu Mobile for providing me with a bicycle which has simplified my transport in visiting fellow clients. I cannot even remember when I last fell sick. I thank Kitovu Mobile team for their continued care and support to people living with HIV&AIDS. Without the support of Kitovu Mobile, I would be dead by now. I thank all those who
give Kitovu Mobile money to enable us continue getting medicines.

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