Kitovu Mobile Limited, originally Kitovu Mobile AIDS Organization with effect from 5th August, 2013 was registered with the Registrar of Companies as a Company limited by Guarantee (and not having a Share Capital) as per the Certificate of Incorporation No.170616.
Nevertheless, it still remained a non-profit, non-discriminatory, faithbased organization under the Registered Trustees of Masaka Diocese, Uganda. And, due to historical reasons and as ‘a going concern’ it will continue using the name “Kitovu Mobile” as her trade name.

This form of registration is useful not for-profit organizations (formed for charitable causes) that require corporate status. This means that any made surplus or profits are not distributed to the members but are retained for the purposes of promoting the Company objectives. Now that we are registered under the Companies Act, we can operate anywhere in Uganda, we can enjoy perpetual succession, have the ability to hold property in our own right and also have the ability to sue and be sued in our own name rather than in the name of our Members.

In spite of now being a Company, given that the HIV and AIDS epidemic is still destroying individuals, families, and communities, Kitovu Mobile is to continue focusing on prevention, treatment and care. By care, we mean health care for PLHA, as well as services for orphans and other vulnerable children and other marginalized persons. On this note, please allow me to thank our funding and other partners for the support which coupled with staff / volunteers commitment, and dedicated governance have enabled us to realize the successes shared in this report.

I believe nobody disputes the fact that Kitovu Mobile was the pioneer of Home Based Care for PLHA in this Region. While we draw enormous satisfaction from our achievements over the past 27 years since its inception, we nevertheless, recognize the need to further enhance our efforts towards reversing the impact of HIV and AIDS by among others: – replicating best practices, being innovative, strengthening collaboration with the existing health system structures, and designing new fundraising strategies as indicated in our 2013-2017 Strategic Plan.